JAISAL HERITAGE BASMATI RICE – CLASSIC is an authentic class of Basmati Rice. Its smooth, extra-fine, extra-long, and pearl white grains have the highest quality and popularity among its kind.


JAISAL HERITAGE BASMATI RICE – GOLD is a variety that has a similar texture to classic, fragrant as any other Basmati Rice. It has the exclusive combination of looks, taste, and aroma. It is grown and natured with the river water of the Himalayas.


JAISAL HERITAGE BASMATI RICE – SUPER exemplifies the very central quality of Basmati that comes with its tantalizing aroma. It’s one of the best quality rice that can be used for special preparations.


Select is 70- 75% of full basmati grain, raw or cooked. It gives you the similar taste and texture to full grain at lesser price. It is an excellent when cooked for large gatherings.


“Regular” means something which done every day. So as the name suggests it’s the everyday basmati rice that can be enjoyed for daily use.


Jaisal heritage basmati rice Everyday is 60% length of full grain rice. It’s aromatic, tasty and has a fine texture of basmati rice.


Jaisal heritage basmati rice Daily is a basmati rice variant for Indian cooking. It’s specially used for Indian ‘khichdi’ or rice and lentil curry.

Har Rooz

Jaisal heritage basmati rice Har Rooz is the key basmati grain used in Mexican cuisines which require rice.


Kolam : Basmati Rice


Feast Rozana  : Basmati Rice


JAISAL HERITAGE BASMATI RICE – GOLDEN SELLA is the parboiled full grain Basmati Rice. It has the delicious taste and visual appeal of pure Basmati with improved holding ability and resilience to over cooking. Excellent as a supplement to casseroles and fresh grilled meats, this grain promises a distinct flavour and high quality finish every time.


JAISAL HERITAGE BASMATI RICE – 1121 WHITE SELLA is the world’s longest grain, 100% Clean, premium quality Basmati grain developed by The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) commonly known as Pusa. It’s parboiled and has all qualities of basmati which makes it a perfect blend of taste and health. Widely used for making briyani, fried rice and pulao. These rice are appreciated for their rich taste and tempting aroma.


JAISAL HERITAGE BASMATI RICE – PILAF EXTRA LONG is used in preparing of mouth watering dishes. It has high nutritional value, longer shelf life and is easy to cook.

Basmati rice

Jaisal Heritage is the largest producer of Basmati rice. Rice is categorized into two parts -white rice and brown rice. While both the rice varieties are incredibly famous, brown rice is known to be power-packed and loaded with nutrition. Basmati rice is suitable for cooking a variety of delicious and healthy recipes.Best Basmati rice at affordable rates is available on Anvieximrice.